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Students &masters in 2014 summer
Supported by Shaolin temple Abbot,Shi yong xin
study Tai chi in shaolin temple 2010
The students & masters at gate of shaolin temple
students&masters in shaolin temple 2010
Students and master 2013
students and masters 2012
shaolin kung fu class
Train in Pagoda forest of shaolin temple
students and masters in 2013
Shaolin training with master
students of shaolin kung fu & Sanda class
Practise Chinese kickboxing Sanda
Taichi and chi kung class
learn Taichi with Taichi master
train shaolin kung fu
warm up before shaolin kung fu class
students in Lucky tree
students climbing the mountain
Students study wingchun
Learn Baduanjin and Yijinjing
Kid study kung fu here
Master teaching applications movement
Chinese kickboxing Sanda training
Full time Wing chun Class
Female students
Shaolin master coming back with brother after one day training.
students going back school after finishing training
students returning school after training on mountain.
Train Chi kung .
Climbing mountain on each Friday afternoon
Leisure time
Leisure time for fun on weekends at shaolin temple.
students on Song mountain temple located
song mountain
Students learnt cultural classes-calligraphy.
school meals
Dining hall
shaolin weapon
weapons and training equipments
The weapons and training equipments
Bedroom of school
washing room

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