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Kung fu performance:

Shaolin Kung Fu Performance

We have an excellent Shaolin kung fu performance team consisting of shaolin warrior monks of authentic linage from our China Shaolin Temple. The performances of our Shaolin monks are heralded all over the world and have attracted audiences from all over the world. Kung fu performances were completed with grace and amazing skill in places like France, Turkey, Australia, and more.

Below are some photos of our kung fu performance team. You can learn more about our Shaolin warrior monks here.

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Performance team in Southern Shaolin temple China

With FASHION master Pierre Cardin in France

performed Great Hall of People in China

Martial arts performers in red suits taking pictures with foreign officials.

Martial arts masters performing at Great Hall of People in China.

Kung fu performers on Hunan TV in gold suits.

Shaolin kung fu performers at event in Australia.

Shaolin kung fu poster advertising performances in China.

Team holding bouquet of flowers after performance in Turkey

kungfu performance team on stage

Performers practicing Chinese kung fu in white and red costumes.

Chinese performers with Jackie Chan after performance.

Dalian TV station filming kung fu performers in city plaza.

Kung fu performers at Tourism Exhibition of Fujian China.

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