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Shaolin temple's activity at abroad 2017


1.Shaolin Chan Academy in Los Angeles celebrated the California "Songshan Shaolin Temple Day"on March 2017


There was a big celebration at Shaolin Chan Academy in Los Angeles when local Buddhists alongside students and parents gathered at the Thomas Burton Park. Songshan Shaolin Temple day is a legal holiday named after Shaolin Temple. The celebration on this great day could not be complete without a variety of activities like games and painting. Additionally, there were teachers and students who performed Shaolin boxing and weapons together. It was a great moment for the visitors and guests who experienced Chan meditation.



Every Shaolin as young as 4 years old and as old as 70 years old enjoyed the entertainment brought about by Shaolin culture. All people irrespective of their religions, race and culture enjoyed every moment as they learned more about Shaolin culture in a harmonious atmosphere.

Every year people from all walks of life in California come together to celebrate “Shaolin Temple day” which is help on March 21st.


2. Shaolin Temple USA celebrate the great Shaolin Kung Fu Chan


It was a remarkable celebration as San Francisco hosted Chinese New Year parade which is  one-and half century old extravaganza. It marked the day when all people from different walks of life from Shaolin Temple USA and others from every corner of the country came together to celebrate the Year of the Golden Ram.

This year warrior monks’ performance featured the famous “Shaolin Seven Stars Fist” alongside other traditional weaponry activities. The performance was captivating as it was a display of ultimate martial arts prowess which left many people in utter amazement as they enjoyed every bit of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Several teams which were made up of students also performed unique “Shaolin Muyu Kung Fu” which depicted the union of Kung Fu and Chan.The display and performance of the three components shows the multifaceted Shaolin Kung Fu Chan culture. All the participants were cheered and received applauses throughout the 15-block parade route.

The Shaolin Temple USA’s performance was so good that it was broadcast in the prime time live broadcast.




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