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Best wishes for 2019 Christmas


On Dec 24,2019,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.We will have a good dinner with students together to celebrate this holiday.


On the eighth of April, the Buddha festival blessing ceremony is held at the Zen Zutin Songshan Shaolin Temple. The blessing ceremony is meant to celebrate 2558 anniversaries since the birth of Shakya Muni Buddha. The ceremony is headed by Shi Yongxin, the abbot, the Shaolin Temple monks. Inside the hall, there are hundreds of Buddhists meditating with other guest tourists coming from different parts of the world. The visitors have fun as they have a shared happiness.

During the day’s ceremony at 9:30 in the morning, hundreds of guests lined up in both sides of the Shaolin temples main hall as they listen to the words of the Buddha. The master heading the Shaolin temple, Yin Zong prayed for good weather during the festival, dispelled the inner dusts, dirt and trouble. The Buddhism religion advocates that all living creatures must be equal, assembling good food and roots. The day before the ceremony, a dove is released to act as a guide to respect life.The Buddha festival begins at exactly 10:00 in the morning. Shi Yongxin Abbot is honored by having a guard in his presence. The road from the abbot room to the main hall is laid with crystal Shakya Muni and fresh flowers. In addition, fragrant flowers put inside copper pots, pot soup inside the red sandalwood, aloes and turmeric is prepared. After the Buddha entery, Shakunaga Nobukatatake leads other monks in chanting and praising Buddha and in Nianxiang worship. At 11:00 all believers and monks get a small spoon ladle in turns, in addition to the sweet soup bath meant to wash Chengou. This is used to clean up your body and mind, clean your worries and acts as an absolute value.





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