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Wing Chun

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun or Wing Tsun,or Yong Chun in Chinese ),is an quite effective kung fu style of self-defense in Chinese martial arts originated from Southern China.To learn wing chun in China is popular,wing chun Chuan is good at close-range combat by striking, grappling as well as trapping.

There are Full time Wingchun class here,the students can focus on Wing chun if they wish.

The common history of Wing chun origin is created by young woman Yim Wing Chun.After she rebuffs the local warlord's marriage offer, he toldhe'll rescind his proposal if she are able to beat him in a fight. Yim Wing chun learn boxing from local Buddhist nun, Ng Mui, they develop this kung fu style to make Yim Wing Chun to defeat that warlord,then,the style is named after her,that is Wing chun Chuan.

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The students followed master to study Wing chun in China shaolin temple kung fu school.

There are twelve forms in Wing chun Chuan (12 San Shi),they are  Xiao Nian Tou, seeking Bridge(Xun Qiao), Biao Zhi, wooden dummies and empty poles The most important form in Wing Chun is XIAO NIAN TON, is the foundation of wing chun from which all succeeding forms and techniques depend.


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The students practise Wing chun in China shaolin temple kung fu school.

Wing Chun Chuan believes properly timed positioning and movements can and should be used to defeat an opponent. This is achieved by balance, body structure and relaxation.

Wing Chun uses deflection and counter-attack in the same motion or will intercept the opponent to nullify an attack. Further on interception the punch can make  as a block as a consequence of the structure and the position of the arm traveling along its triangular "power-line" pathway to the opponent's "Core",that means that the opponent's attack is deflected by the arm-structure of the Wing Chun learners as the counter-punch is delivered.

Main characteristics to l Wing Chun Chuan are listed below
  Balance, Structure and Stance
  Fast Speed
  Simultaneous attack and  defence
  Body Mechanics
  Minimal use of brute force
  Trapping and sensitivity

The famous kung fu star Bruce Lee (Li Xiao Long) once followed great wing chun Master Yip Man and studied Wing Chun for many years,nowadays,wingchun chuan has developed successfully to all over the world,more and more people love to learn Wing chun,this amazing kung fu styles.

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