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Shaolin Kung Fu


Any student coming to China visits many schools that specialize in teaching kung fu. However, there are few schools teaching the authentic traditional Shaolin kung fu. This Shaolin kung fu traces its roots from the Song Mountains that houses the original Shaolin temple located in Deng Feng city. Today, there are hundreds of people coming from other countries visiting the Chinese territory to get the basics and learn the original Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu remain the most popular martial arts in China. It has a rich historical background showing the legendary Shaolin war skills. This is a popular skill, started by Damo, a Buddhist monk. Damo exported this skill from India in the year 526 AD. During the 1280-1368 Yuan Dynasty rule, Shaolin Kung Fu had expanded to many regions around China. The Shaolin Kung Fu boasts of 72 styles. The most popular styles are Cotton palm, Shaolin Marvelous, Iron Shirt, One finger of Zen Meditation and the Acupuncturing Vital Points.

learn shaolin kung fu in China

Students learn shaolin kung fu and practise shaolin applications.

With a weak blow, students who choose One Finger Zen Meditation benefit because they use it to cause spasm on their opponents. On the other hand, the Iron Shirt technique is among the hard styles exercise in martial arts. When used, if offers protection to your body. With this martial arts technique, learners employ many exercises that involve development of the body, stances, herbs and chi Kung to use the element chi, natural body energy to re-invent structural strength.

 learn shaolin kung fu at shaolin temple
The students learn shaolin kung fu with master in shaolin temple kung fu school


The kung fu style involves weapon styles like Xiao HongChuan,DaHong Chuan, Luo Hang, DA Hong, Damo Sword Yin Shou and the Shaolin Chua.

Shaolin weapon-Shaolin temple Kung fu school China

For a learner to learn the Shaolin Kung Fu easily, it has been divided into several areas. This includes Force training Sparring, San Shou special training techniques, Application practices, Forms training, combination practices, Chi Ku and its principles, Combination and personal techniques. The above techniques are used to prepare students undertaking combat training and weapon technique like sword, stick and whip. The Shaolin Kung Fu taught at the Shaolin Temple School is original.

Shaolin Kung Fu-Shaolin temple Kung fu school China

Here are some of main Shaolin styles in Shaolin temple
Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan
Shaolin Tong Bei Chuan - Through the back Chuan
Shaolin Liu He Chuan - Six harmonies Chuan
Shaolin Da Hong Chuan - Big flood Chuan
Shaolin Taizu Chang Chuan
Shaolin Da Pao Chuan - Big cannon Chuan
Shaolin Chang Hu Xin Yi Men - Forever preserve the heart-mind
Shaolin MeihuaChuan
Shaolin Luohan Chuan
Shaolin Dan Dao - Single word
Shaolin Long – Dragon Chuan


Shaolin Kung Fu-Learn Kung Fu in China

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