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There are many theories concerning the founding of Tai Chi Chuan and there are three of the major theories. Many people learn tai chi in China to keep fit. The first theory is that the Daoist(Taoist), Zhang San feng, in the northern of song Dynasty created Tai Chi Chuan. The second theory is that the prolific writer of Tai Chi Chuan treatises, Wang zhong yue, created Tai Chi Chuan. The third theory is the Chen Wang Ting, a military officer in the later part of Ming dynasty, created Tai Chi Chuan.

tai chi study
students practise Taichi chuan in early morning in shaolin temple China.

However, as early as the 4th century B.C., that the Life-Nourishing Techniques (yangshenfa) were being practiced. They included bending, expanding, condensing, and extending movements, as well as breathing techniques and Qi circulation, similar to Taijiquan's internal exercises. Publications such as the Six Animal Play (Liuqinxl) written by Dr. Lui Anand the Five Animal Play (Wuqinxi) rewritten by Dr. Hua Tuo (one of the greatest doctors in the Chinese history), both integrated breathing techniques with the movements of animals to improve health.

learn tai chi with master
student learn tai chi from master.

     It is also known that in the Liang Dynasty and in the Tang Dynasty, there were already techniques resembling Taijiquan. The only difference was in their names. They were named Thirty-Seven Postures (iSanshiqishi), Post Heaven Techniques (Houtionfo), and Small Nine Heaven (Xiaojiutian). Even though the names were different, the principles were similar.
Tai Chi Chuan is a healing/martial art that combines martial arts movements with Chi energy circulation, breathing and stretching techniques. It utilizes the ancient philosophy of Yin-Yang and the Five Element theories for its foundation and to establish its training principles. The training of Tai Chi Chuan includes the integration of mind, Qi and body. The focus on Qi circulation was initially used for the purpose of increasing the internal strength of physical body for combat. The same techniques that were capable of developing internal power for combat also proved to be effective as life prolonging, healing, and rejuvenating exercise. These health benefits are the primary contributions that led to the popularity of Tai Chi Chuan today.

In today's hectic life, many of us are often too busy to be concerned about our health until our health becomes a problem. The value of Taijiquan is in its potential to strengthen and repair the physical and energetic body, which in turn has the potential to prevent and cure disease.

With regular practice the Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu training, it is possible to keep blood and energy circulation smooth in the entire body and keep fit.

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