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Chi Kung is founded on a whole life outlook, related to the law of nature. When practicing it, you mainly take the initiative of your own consciousness .The content includes 3 adjustments: to adjust your mind in peace, to adjust your body into the best condition and to adjust your breath in balance .If you keep training regularly and persisting, gradually the function of many parts of your body will be greatly enhanced and step by step, your health condition will be improved. The practice is able to improve quality of life, and naturally transmute and develop a deeper awareness of subtle energies.

Train Chi kung in China shaolin temple
The students learn Chi Kung inside shaolin Temple.

The unity of Chi Kung, Chinese Medicine and Chinese Martial Arts is considered one of the most important parts of Chinese traditional culture. More and more people from all over the world are beginning to learn about them and enjoy them.

The unique benefits of Chi Kung for people’s health has been acknowledged by modern science.

There are many sects of Chi Kung. According to Chinese history, Chi Kung was passed down among the people. In time, experience accumulated and several famous sects became the most popular: Yi sect, Ru sect, Tao sect, Buddha sect and Wu sect. However, all sects stressed an importance on 4 aspects: keeping healthy, cultivating one¡¯s moral character, making clear one¡¯s consciousness about life and the combination between the three aspects as the great essence of Chinese Martial Arts. Yi sects focuses on keeping healthy to prolong life; Buddha sect values the clear mind for the life and Wu sect mainly concentrates on the skills of Martial Arts.

Learn Chi kung in China


Chinese Chi kung has a long history and a substantial content. Shaolin Chi kung, the pearl of Chinese Chi kung, was originated by DaMaZhuShi in the Song Dynasty. Shaolin Chi kung is a kind of advanced internal mind thinking which is a mix of Buddhism and Taoism. And it can also cultivate your life energy. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese began to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. This because an advanced form of internal Gongfu and has been handed down from generation to generation. Until recent days, the great masters can use his posture and mind to arouse his internal and potential power. This combination can become Qi coupled with hardness and softness. The Qi can be moved to any part of your body using your mind to control it. Qi has the power to restore your body making it strong enough to defend and resist against illness and physical attack. This kind of internal Gongfu not only can strengthen your body, but also can refine your character, improve your physiological action and develop potential. This is the intention of Buddhism.


Meditation is the essential part of Chan Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu. Da Mo was famous for sitting in a cave before a rock for nine years in meditation. His practice was so powerful that it left an impression of his face in that rock. This rock is still housed in a special hall at the Shaolin Temple for anyone to see. According to legend, Da Mo created Qi Gong and Kung Fu exercises to increase personal vitality so monks could sustain prolonged meditations.

However, the very act of practicing kung fu can be, in itself, an act of meditation. Such is the paradox of Chan. Sitting Meditation is a regular part of Shaolin practice. Shaolin practitioners often accompany their meditation with the practice of some chi kung, in particular Ba Duan Jin (eight-section brocade), Yi Jin Jing (muscle tendon washing form).

Meditation periods can vary from a few minutes to several hours. Some monks have achieved high levels of sitting practice. A daily practice is recommended, generally beginning with fifteen to thirty minutes a day and working up to longer periods as your lifestyle allows.

“Human beings follow the pattern of Earth; Earth follows the pattern of Heaven; Heaven is patterned by the Dao; Dao follows Nature” Survival is the most primitive need of human beings. The question of how to improve quality of life, improve health and pro-long life has been of central interest to us through-out time. Achieving good health has been a central part of the culture of Daoism. With its long history and development, the way for improving health has been developed and modified through the centur ies by the ancestors. This is due to their continued research and practice, in particular, the training in inner alchemy and spiritual awareness. Such training includes stillness and movement. No matter whether it is in the active or the still (calm) mode, both are of high value.

“Dao gives rise to one; one generates two; two generates three; three generates everything”, “Everything is originated from three; three combining to two; two combining to one; one becomes nothing”.

Doing it correctly would achieve good results; any deviation could result in disaster. Benefit can only be achieved through practice with proper guidance and understanding. Otherwise, not only no benefit would be gained, it might cause harm.

Below is a summar y of the introduction to training in inner alchemy

Turn “essence” into “Qi”; Turn “Qi” into “shen (spirit of vitality)”; Turn “shen” into “emptiness”; Turn “emptiness” into “Daoism”. Concentrate in the basic. Develop and improve the 3 vital elements of the body. This would in turn lead to good mental conditions and wisdom. Those who reach such a stage would achieve abilities beyond the scope of others. In Daoism, training in inner alchemy is to manage the three natural vital elements: “Jing”, “Qi” and “shen”. Such training leads to good health and long life. The training can be classified into four stages: (1) Fundamental (2) Turn “jing” into “Qi”(3) Turn “Qi” into “shen (spirit of vitality)”(4) Turn “shen” into “emptiness”.

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