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Xing Yi Chuan is one of the most important Chinese internal kung fu,Xing yi Chuan has long history,it was said that Xing yi originated from General Yue Fei, who lived during the Song Dynasty (1103-1141).
From other historical information references, Ji Jike was the originator of the style,who lived in Ming Dynasty,and he was a peerless fighter with the spear ,known as Divine Spear, There are three branches: the Hebei, Shanxi, and Henan schools,they have common and different elements.
There are The Five Elements of Xingyi Chuan, Drilling ,Splitting Crushing ,Pounding, Crossing,that is Pi Quan ("Splitting Fist"), Zuan Quan ("Drilling Fist"), Beng Quan ("Smashing Fist"), Pao Quan ("Cannon Fist") and Heng Quan ("Crossing Fist"). The students need to have a good understanding of the five elements theory during the training is the key to learn Xing Yi well.
There are 12 kinds of techniques,that are Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Horse, Cork, Pear, Sparrow hawk, Swallow, Eagle, Snake, Cat and Crane.
The movements emphasize 6 combinations, which includes 3 internal combinations and 3 external combinations.
San Ti Shi ,Three Body Posture, is fundamental practice and is essential for building a sound foundation. Standing practice is combined with breathing to develop a root and refine and build the Qi .

From the surface of Xing Yi Chuan, its movements seem predominantly linear, and this gives the appearance that Xing Yi is simple and direct, but actually,it is complicated. The techniques are based on highly evolved concepts and contain many underlying intricacies.

Xing Yi is easy to learn but requires diligence and dedication to master. Along with Taiji and Bagua, it is often referred to as an internal style of martial arts, but because of its brisk and powerful actions it does not appear as such at first glance.
Xing Yi Chuan is very good kung fu style to learn for both self defense and keep health.


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