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Baji Chuan with long history is originated in Northern China,full name is Kai Men Baji Chuan ,which means open-gate eight-extremities fist,To learn Baji is good way to keep health and learn self-defense.


Baji Chuan is a explosive, short-range power of Chinese marital arts. Baji Chuan focus on the major points of the body: head, shoulders, elbows, hands, buttock, knees, and feet . The term Baji comes from the Daoist classic, the Yijing,it means the universe.

It is said that the first recorded Baji Chuan master iwas Wu Zhong, oldest traceable master in the baji lineage. He promote Baji Chuan along with Wu Xiufeng and Li Shuwen whose nickname is God of Spear Li.

Baji training includes Zhan Zhuang,that is Post Standing,training to develop the Qi (Chi) and different types of Jin (Force).Baji Chuan include twenty fist forms, which include 12 Baji Small Structure Fists, Baji Black Tiger Fist, Baji Dan Zhai, Baji Dan Dui Da, Baji Luohan Kung,etc,and eight weapons forms, like Liu He Da Qiang (spear), Chun Yang Jian (sword), San Yin Dao (sabre), Xing Zhe Bang (staff), Pudao, and Chun Qiu Da Dao (a long two-handed heavy blade).
Baji fist is famous to open the opponent's arms forcibly and attacks at high, mid, and low levels of the body,that is most useful in close combat, as it focuses on elbow, knee, shoulder and hip strikes. The practitioners close into close range and simple quick powerful movements.

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