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Wu Qin Xi


Wu Qin Xi Introductions -Five animals

 Wuqing xi-learn kung fu in original shaolin temple chinalearn kung fu in original shaolin temple china

Five animals exercises (WU QIN XI in Chinese) is to imitate the movements of tigers, deer, bears , monkeys and birds,students like to learn Wuqinxi because it is for physical and breathing exercises for health care.Wu qin xi is developed by the Chinese well-known physician Hua Tuo in the second century in the ancient times. He developed this system according to existing ancient Chinese traditional physical exercises with five yin and five yang internal organs and meridians as well as the principles of the circulation of Qi (Chi)and blood in the human body.

Wu Qin Xi is symmetrical and people can perform it conveniently
The wild animal performed some certain exercises daily to built up and improve their life skill. The inspiration of Hua Tuo cames from study of the characteristic behaviour of animals,tigers, deer, bears , monkeys and birds.

learn kung fu in original shaolin temple china

Wuqingxi can be leaned combining both mental exercise and body exercise. While learning Wuqinxi ,the people can learn movements of wild creature so as to improves health and the flexibility of the body,muscles and bones. The five animals exercises we teach are the bear, tiger, monkey, deer, and crane,that is to improve functioning of the lung (tiger), kidney (bear), liver (deer), heart (crane), and stomach (monkey).The movements are designed to show the courage and solidity of the tiger, the serenity and poise of the deer, the steadiness and solidity of the bear, the nimbleness and dexterity of the monkey and the swiftness and grace of the bird. To learn Wuqinxi is very good way to keep health.


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