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Different Styles of Shaolin Kung Fu

Here is a look at some of the more popular styles of Shaolin Kung Fu, which you will learn at our Kung Fu school in China

Shaolin Tongbei Quan.

Hou Quan

Hou Quan means “monkey fist” in Chinese, and it was invented during the time of the Han Dynasty. This style of martial art mimics the movements of the monkey, and it is characterized by quick deceptive moves.

Shaolin Da Hong chuan

Eagle Claw

As the name suggests, the Eagle Claw style adopts the movements of the eagle. It mainly consists of low stances and rapid jumping movements.

Chin Na

Chin Na is a kung fu style that has many derivatives. It emphasizes on locking and controlling the limbs, tendons, and muscles of opponents. Many of its techniques are used in the Eagle Claw style.

Chang Quan

Chang Quan means “Long Fist”, and it uses long flowing sets that are somewhat similar to the flowing movements of the Yangtze River, or Long River. Characteristic movements of this style of martial art include stretching movements, long range attacks, and graceful kicking and jumping movements.

Drunken Kung Fu

The Drunken Kung Fu is a style of Shaolin Kung Fu that imitates the swaying and chaotic movements of a person who is intoxicated. It uses circular movements that can generate a great deal of force.

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