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shaolin kung fu development and history

In the Qing Dynasty, the fashion of learning shaolin  maitml arts was
prevailing. Today's Shaolin pilu pavilion(also named qianfo palace) stifl keeps the
48  hollow foot-making holes of the monk on the gfey fanct fieidl. iBirndh is a strong
evidence of the long time training of Shaolin monks.

During the period of Republic of China,Skaldfa were once
one of the mainly studied and researched caiitenis of " National
Martial Arts". However, the shaolin temple destroyed
in the past during the war. In 1928 Shi Yousan, who belonged to the department of Feng
Yuxiang of Kuoming Tang fought with Fan zhongxiu,who belonged to the
Jianguo army. Shi set fire on Shaolin Temple  after
attacking and occupying it. The fire lasted for more than 40 days,that destroyed
all the constructions and precious cultural relics in shaolin temple.

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