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Yin-Yang Theory and learn Tai Chi Chuan

The Yin-Yang Theory is primarily about the opposing, interdependent, decreasing and
increasing, and transformational nature of material things-. The Five Element Theory categorizes
material things and uses the natural rhythms that governs them, to describe the relationship
among them. Since humans are a part of nature and nature conta.ins the "ingredients" essential
to human survival, the changes in nature will directly or indirectly affect our body. It is obvious
that humans and nature are very closely linked. Because of this close tie with nature, the Y'.n-
Yang and the Five Element theories also govern the functioning of the human system on a small

Taijiquan helps release tension created by a hard day at work. Over the course of the
day, week, month, or year, we may be overstimulating one section or another of our brain. This
overstimulation often creates excess tension that is unable to dissipate from the head. When
this happens, we may not be able to think as clearly, we may loose our temper easily or even
get headaches. Taijiquan exercise helps to redistribute energy in our body, by leading excess
energy from tense areas, so as to regain balance. Performing Taijiquan early in the morning
clears the mind and prepares one to tackle any task during the day. That is one of the reasons,
to the amazement of many foreign visitors in China, that millions of Chinese practice Taijiquan
in the park every morning before work,that is a very good way to learn tai chi to keep fit.

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