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Five fundamental elements of Tai Chi Chuan


Nowadays,more and more people learn Tai Chi Chuan ,
what is the five elements in Tai chi ,the fundamental elements
Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.
The article Five fundamental elements of Tai Chi Chuan  from shaolin temple kung fu shcool China.
Mutual Nourishment refers to the cyclic enhancement of, or the ability to promote each other,
either directly or indirectly. In this cycle, each element both gives and receives nourishment.
For example, the Wood  Element "grows" when it is nourished by the flow of Water.
Wood in turn gives nourishment to Fire and "enhances" Fire. This exchange of nourishment
continues to the next elements until the cycle is completed .

Mutual Nourishment and Mutual Restraint are not independent cycles. They interact with each
other and are closely related. For example, Metal can restrain Wood, yet wood is
able to nourish Fire, which in turn can restrain Metal Initially, this type of reason-
ing, seems to indicate that nothing would exist in this cyclic situation. If all things in the universe
were to exist in equal quantities and were equally effective, the elements would in fact, inhibit
each other and nothing would happen. However, the elements are not present equally and at thesame time, which allows this cyclic process to manifest itself. This mutual nourishing and restrain-
ing keeps nature in a system of checks and balance.

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