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The Meanings of the shaolin kung fu Five Forms

Shaolin kung fu tiger form is very fierce,tiger form in Kungfu manifests these
qualities. It is used to train "bones" meaning to
train internal strength. The tiger-claw, with the force
trained to concentrate at the finger tips, is much more
powerful than the punch, with the force spread over a
larger area at the knuckles. A person witli good "chi"
training may withstand powerful punches, but he may
not be able to withstand a powerful tiger-claw, which
usually attacks the vital- points of the body. The tiger-
claw ,is also an important form in hold and throw
Leopard,although leopard is not as powerful as a tiger
because the form of the knuckles resembles a bunch of
gingers. The leopard punch, with its stress on speed, is
a very suitable punch for ladies, who by nature lack the
tiger-like power of men. The leopard punch is usually
aimed at the eyes, the throat, the heart, the side ribs,
the reproductive organ, the spine and the kidney.All these are vital parts of the body.


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