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Shay Kuebler


I have had a great time at the shaolin temple school.(Training course One month from July to Aug 2014),I found that master very much pushed everyone to their full potential and focused not only on technique,but also the essence and intention behind the forms and movements as well as applications.They also have a head academy,you can see the Kunyu mountain shaolin academy review.
I feel that find the essence of the movements of shaolin kung fu was the heart of the training,and I have a very good time pushing myself to find this intention and purpose on the kung fu training.

I very much appreciated master’s willingness to push people’s abilities and have them learn as much as new movements,techniques and forms ,and we are done properly and correctly.His energy and enthusiasm was inspiring and motivating.Thank you for the passion and love of China kung fu.

The setting (inside original shaolin temple on song mountain)and surrounding as ideal in supporting focused study and dedicated learning.

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 Learn kung fu in China shaolin temple on song mountain

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