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Rinesh Raghoenath

One year course from Oct 2012 to Oct 2013

 I spent one year in shaolin temple kung fu school,and it is great to train under shaolin warrior monks inside shaolin temple.I choose China, because traditional Shaolin Kungfu starts here. I always wanted to do and experience Shaolin Kungfu.Also recommend head academy for varous kungfu styles offered,you can click to Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy review.

That I have developed myself as a person. I have learned how to use my body, improve my health and spiritual life. my Chinese and my knowledge of other languages have improved a lot.

My greatest influence is shaolin kung fu master, he is such a great person and knows how to train people individually and looks at their potential he always is finding new ways teach us and always wants to be better and efficient. Also my good friends, roommates and classmates helped me a lot.

It is real disciplined life. I have been pushing myself every day and really focused on the basics. At Shaolin one school is like a family. This is because Shifu taught us how to behave well. Everybody has ups and downs during training. I trained the first 8 months really hard. After that I had some injuries and body was less powerful. The translators and staff are very helpful and the life is really nice at Shaolin. Sometimes it was too strict for me during the weekend and wanted some more freedom during the night. But it is good to be disciplined. The Shifu are great. They always want the best for us. shaolin master always gives 100%attention to the class. And wing chun master always has been helpful to me.
The surroundings are great! Everybody comes here because this is shaolin temple. Dengfeng has a warm atmosphere and good food. The nature is amazing. It feels really spiritual.
Thank you for everything.

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