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Anton Chai

Four weeks Shaolin kung fu course in Aug 2013

China is the origin of Kungfu, so I think there is no better place to learn Kungfu in this school than in China. There are many reasons why i came here, but the most important one is that i love China and I feel home in China. So why not pick up Kungfu?
My two greatest gains are that i have met so many nice people and made new friends(Chinese and western) and also i learnt to push myself and train hard.
The people that helped me the most are the shaolin warrior monk master, Rachel and Rinesh. My master is an amazing and great teacher, but he’s also a cool person. Everyone likes him and espects him. During training i always pushed my self because i didn’t want to disappoint him. He helped me to train hard.(and I also love his son!) Rachel is like the “heart” of the school. She is very nice and a very lovely person. She always tries to make everyone feel comfortable and happy. And if there is a problem you can talk to her. And Rinesh is the best fried I’ve ever made in China. Without him, I’d been lonely.

Shaolin kung fu Training here is very good ,very effective and exhausting. Maybe if would be good to do hard stretching every day, but I loved kung fu training.

Daily life: Time passed very fast. It was awesome. And the food was so good!!!i loved the food here.Also hanging out with the other students after class was always fun.
I think it,the surroundings is  pretty cool. I loved the original shaolin temple, the school, the mountains and Dengfeng. thank you!

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Shaolin master and Anton in shaolin temple kung fu school China!

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