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Lahaye Eric

Six month course Wing chun class (From Feb to Aug 2013)I chose China to study Kungfu because Kungfu comes from China as I thinks China is the best for learn Kungfu. Come in China to learn Kungfu is my dream.
I gain from martial arts lot of things like disciplines, good stamina, good masters and change my vision of the life.
Of cause my wing chun master influenced and helped me during my training. He is very good and know how you can do best every days.
 The academy, the training, daily life, masters and translators are awesome. The stuff do a very good jobs and are very gentle. I stayed for 6 months but for sure the next years I am coming back! the best experience of my life!

Deng Feng city is very good for take a rest during the week end, for buy some stuff and presents. The mountains around the academy are amazing and can be used for chinese martial arts training. With a good surrounding, you can find all that you need for a good training. The temple and a lot site of tourism and beautiful and nice to visit, and the proximity of this site is appreciable.

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learn kung fu in china shaolin temple
Eric spent six months to learn Wing chun here with professional Wingchun master.

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