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Lam Mehdi (returning student)

Shaolin kung fu class from July to Aug.This is the second time for me to study kung fu in China shaolin temple kung fu school.I choose China to study Kungfu because China is famous for Kungfu. The thing that motivate me is to discover morre about Chinese martial arts.
My grestest gain from my martial arts training in traditional shaolin martial arts academy is that i am able to practice real Shaolin Kungfu.
masters, the students, the translator and all the stuff helped me and influenced me during my period in the academy.
My training were really hard andthe atmosphere of the training was amazing. My life in the school were also good because the student in the school help me to live here. The master is great, he pushed myself into my limited and created a good atmosphere in the group.
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learn kung fu in china shaolin temple

The first one is Mehdi.The students were climbing the Song moutain of shaolin temple.

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