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Charles Elbar

Wing chun Class  (studied from July to August)

I choose China to study Kungfu in original shaolin temple because Kungfu has been developed in China and I wanted to real Kungfu. Also a friend encouraged me to come in this school because it was great.
My greatest gain is to learn as well martial arts and respect.
I have been helped and influenced by all the students who are really nice and can help you every time and also by my master.
Before I arrived, I was expecting that all the students will be concentrate an Kungfu and don’t think about having fun, but I was nicely surprised to see them having fun, with good atmosphere. Training were really nice: The Taichi in the morning make up you and make you feel healthy everyday, the morning and afternoon training are really good too, very hard sometimes but it’s good and that’s one of the reasons I came here. Food is good. The masters are really good, they are very patient and teach very well. The translator is really good too.
I really like the surroundings of shaolin temple kung fu schoo: the Song mountains, Shaolin temple which I have visited. Deng Feng is also good.
Thank you very much.

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learn kung fu in china shaolin temple

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