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Darrelynn Klashinsky

(learn from May to June 2013,tai chi and Chi kung class)Enjoyed my training at the shaolin temple school. It was inspiring, challenging and a welcoming experience. Attention to skills and details in learning correct form and application was appreciated. Assistance was provided with any difficulty encountered. Respectful of concerns and injury during training.
 Realized practice following taiji 24 steps needed to ensure correct form before learning, good to know about certificate and potentials grading at the beginning to prepare. Found warm up before running otherwise possible to injury. Mirrors on the wall would be useful to realize correct or not. Really appreciated theory to understand qigong practice. Very grateful for the experience It has been a pleasure. Plans to continue to practice the skills I have been taught. Many thanks to my master for his amazing patience and of course school translator, who is always there for any circumstance.

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Study tai chi in shaolin temple
Darrelynn learnt internal kung fu in shaolin temple kung fu school China.


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