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Tyler Falck


(I spent one year from June 2012 to June 2013 at shaolin temple kung fu school )

I have stayed the shaolin temple kung fu school home for one year,that is amazing, and even now, as I prepare to leave, I still call it home in my heart. I've learned more in the twelve months I've been here than I can put a price on, and the people I've loved with and known have given me more than I can articulate. When I left behind all the family and friends is ever known to come to China, I never believed I would find people so reeling to give me another one.

Since my first days here, the students and staff here at the school have been nothing but welcoming and helpful. From the kitchen staff to auntie, they've welcomed me into their homes every day,our translator has worked tirelessly and without complaint helping the masters to explain the finer points of lessons in class and giving assistance in navigating the labyrinth of China outside. it's largely thanks to her patience and generosity that I've managed as much as I have in my time here. Had fate given me a sister like her, I should have been forever grateful the lovely company.

As to the master, I can only say this; the word "Sifu"comes from the Chinese words for teacher and father, and he is both and more. If you have gone to work and put your trust in him, then he will welcome you into his family, treat you as he would his own child, and do everything in his power to help you achieve every ounce of your potential. I came to China hoping to learn martial arts and found a man who taught Mr to live again. Though I leave his class, I will always be his student, and for that, I am a better man.

To say the training is challenging is not enough. If you give yourself to it, then it will push you harder than you have ever been pushed before. The quality and care the masters bring to every lesson is such that you can't help but marvel. I have never faced anything more difficult save perhaps the thought of leaving these people who have given me more love and compassion than Icould ever ask of a stranger.

In mere hours, I will have to leave this place, but I refuse to lose the light they have given me to hold in my heart.

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The picture is that Tyler surfing internet in his room.Tyler studied shaolin kung fu in original shaolin temple for one year.

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