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Daniel Powell


(Wingchun and Tai chi class)

Learning length three months from January to April 2013.

 I have had such a good time in shaolin temple kung fu school China which located inside original shaolin Temple. I would like to give a huge thank you to everybody, I have found that all the working staff are extremely pleasant and delightful people.
  The food here is superb, I am always looking forward to meal times. I also have found the accommodation is of a good standard.
 The training environment is good and recently there has been a good balance of discipline and attention from master.I have been a teacher of 11-16 years old students for two years before I came here so I understand that discipline is a difficult thing to manage.
 I would have enjoyed it there was one or two lessons every week that were orientated towards preparing for combat. The lesson last Friday where we did sparring was excellent! the application lesson also included this it would significantly improve training that I already was of a very high standard.
 Overall, Wing chun master, I think you have been doing a very good job of training, I remember how difficult it was getting used to my first class, I am impressed and I am very happy that I was transferred to your class. I feel like I have been given more attention and have improved faster than I would have done.

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learn wing chun in China shaolin temple kung fu school

Daniel train three month wing chun in shaolin temple kung fu school China and very enjoyed it.

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