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Kaylene Neve

(Learn kung fu for three months from August- Nov 2012)
My time at this shaolin temple school has been a life changing experience.

The things I have discovered about myself have been both amazing and terrifying I’ve been pushed to my limits and beyond. Which has given me a new understanding of myself and what I can truly achieve, giving me a whole new level of confidence and self belief. This is all thanks to the school and the wonderful staff who will always go out of their way to help you, making you feel like you really belong. Our shifu was always very patient, flexible and caring but would still push you just a little further each time until you were doing things that had previously seemed impossible.

Our translator was very kind and always willing to help you with any problems or questions you might have. The staff were all very caring and warm while the other students were all very kind as well as friendly giving the school a very warm atmosphere.

The school also provided  mandarin lessons to teach us all the basics we would need to communicate in China and much more. The food was excellent often consisting of many different dishes including rice and soup.  The general standards and cleanliness was also very good with regular room checks to ensure clean standards. Overall it has been a very hard but rewarding and amazing experience.

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learn kung fu in china at  shaolin temple

Kaylene learn kung fu for three months at shaolin temple kung fu school.


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