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Jüri Nael

TRAINING from 2012 July to September in Shaolin temple.
Definitely the best thing the school offers is a very hard training. My master is very demanding and pushes students to work hard and give their best. Every student has to do all the classes but there is a flexibility to focus on a specific area of interest if student desires. Teacher is also very caring about students’ traumas and their physical limitations. The curriculum is very diverse and allows focusing on many specific aspects of training.

The general atmosphere in shaolin temple kung fu school is great. Students get along very well and take care of each other. School personnel are also always around and very helpful.

The rooms are simple, but that’s what they are meant to be in order to offer students an opportunity to experience a simple Shaolin life style.

There was a variety of tasty food available every time and students are generally happy about the variety and quality of it.

No other place can compete with that location. Shaolin temple, Song mountains, scenic views, mysterious fog, spiritual atmosphere, hundreds of kids practicing kung-fu from early morning till late night – this is worth of experiencing with your own eyes. Tai chi classes in early morning in front of the Shaolin temple are absolutely amazing.

I would like to thank master for his great teaching and care during these two months. I would also like to thank Jenny who has been always available and very helpful with any problem students have had.

Would I come back here? Absolutely. I had absolutely fantastic time. It exceeded my initial expectations and I would recommend it to all my friends.

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China kung fu training

Juri spent two month kung fu training in shaolin temple kung fu school

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