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Michael Davar

An incredible experience in China shaolin temple ! I came here for three weeks to study the art of Chinese Shaolin Kung fu. It is tough and exhausting but worth every painful second. The masters push you to your limit and always make you try your best. There is a wonderful atmosphere in this school. Not only did I have the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream and study Shaolin Kungfu in the midst of untouched Chinese nature within the compounds of the Shaolin temple, but I did so while meeting diverse and really lovely people.

It is not an adventure to be taken lightly. There are some hard sessions, but with the friendly and supportive atmosphere of the masters and other students, even those hard sessions become enjoyable. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who loves martial arts; its culture, its dedication, its strength and its continuous growth in Shaolin temple kung fu school China. 

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china shaolin temple

Michael spent three weeks with his friend in shaolin temple to learn kung fu.

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