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Cynthia Derlyn

I had a fantastic time during my stay for training at Shaolin temple Kung Fu school from June to July.
The training is tough, but it is such a great feeling to realise what you can achieve when you push yourself and train hard.
My kung fu master  is extremely kind and patient. He for sure knows how to adapt the training depending on the students and our different levels. He always pushes us to do and be better and although He's very nice he knows how to use discipline and always has been extremely fair.

You can definitely learn a lot, it just totally depends on how much and how hard you are willing to train.
I personally wish I could have stayed longer as I fell in love with the place and the people here
 and I'll definitely come back.
The food is great, the location is gorgeous and you'll for sure have an amazing time with the people you are sharing this experience with.

Everyone here goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable, happy and like you're part of a big family. I left with a very heavy heart and I now miss the training, the place and the people a lot. I'm so grateful and could never recommend the Shaolin Kung Fu school and my Master  enough :)

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French student Cynthia

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