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Zachary James

After being kungfu for eight years, I had decided to go to Shaolin Temple and train there.(kung fu training for two months from May to July 2012) That was probably one of the best decisions of my life. The training here is incredibly tough, even if you have experience in Shaolin, not only is it physically demanding, it challenges your spirits as well.
The master here is a great teacher who is incredibly skilled and patient. If you have goals, he will do everything he can for you to meet them. If you would rather work on forms instead of Sanda or vice versa, he will let you work on whatever you want as long as you work hard. The food and rooms fit the atmosphere of hard training. They’re comfortable but not too fancy. Training here has made me appreciate life, strengthen my love for shaolin Kung fu and was probably the most challenging thing I have ever done. If you have the chance to stay here, all I can say is do it!

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learn kung fu in shaolin temple

James learn shaolin kung fu at shaolin temple kung fu school for two months

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