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(Training kung fu From JUNE- JULY 2012)
Shaolin temple kung fu school was great. The training is hard but worth it because it gets you tougher, stronger, and faster. The food is good and the people are really great because they treat you like a friend or family. The staff is great and I had a great time here. My favorite class is rather forms or acrobatics. The really hard days are Thursday and Friday because of power training and mountain run but both are really fun. They taught me a lot and I’m thankful and the master is really nice and he wants everyone to have fun and work hard. He will give you tips and try his best to teach you as much as he can. I’m going to miss this place and I had a great time here thank you. The environment is good and the mountains are big and beautiful. Bring regular cloth because they will get dirty during training. The temple is awesome. Good place to learn kung fu.

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shaolin kung fu school in China

The student NAKAMURA learn kung fu in shaolin temple.

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Shaolin Temple Kung Fu school China
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