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Jonathon Stroud

I trained shaolin kung fu at shaolin temple kung fu school for one month(in May 2012), my overall experiences here was very good.
The school is positioned inside the Shaolin Temple vicinity, giving direct access to all of the Chinese historical sites.This creates a true traditional Gung Fu (kugn fu )training and living experience.
The kung fu training is tough and demanding. My psychical boundaries were tested and pushed, but it was all worth it in the end. The Master is highly skilled, he is patient and a very dedicated shaolin kung fu teacher, pushing you to reach your goals and beyond.
The living conditions are of a traditional nature, food is quite good and rooms are fairly comfortable. Internet access in every room is handy, the general atmosphere in the shaolin temple kung fu school is friendly.Good place to learn kung fu in china.

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learn shaolin kung fu in shaolin temple

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