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Sintu Amirthalingam


Learn shaolin kung fu under master from shaolin temple for two months (from 2012 March to April)Last year I had an accident which affected me a lot mentally. I needed to experience a change that would re-strengthen my mind and gain my confidence back.I have always wanted to study kung-fu and the perfect time had come for me to do so.

After arriving at the shaolin temple kung fu school, I immediately loved the location. It was situated right next to where the majority of the Chinese students come to learn Shaolin Kung fu around shaolin temple.

Everyday, I was inspired by watching the children train with such passion and enthusiasm.

  I am really fond of my shaolin master Lu. This is the first time Master Lu is teaching foreign students so he is making a lot of effort to constantly perfect our forms and ensure that each of his students are reaching their maximum potential in all areas of their training. He is also making a real effort to learn English. Already in two weeks he has impressively picked up so much.

  In summary, the entire experience has fuelled my passion for kung fu. I would like to continue my training in the future.The place is perfect to learn traditional shaolin kung fu. I would have loved to stay here longer.

 learn shaolin kung fu in china
Some students with master in Damo cave in shaolin temple.


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