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Bodie Fitzpatrick

I spent one month training (from  August to September 2011) at the Shaolin Temple with Shaolin Master 
and it was an amazing training experience, you can tell he is passionate  about what he dose and that he
has a lot of knowledge by the amount of time and effort he puts into teaching and working with you.

He make you train hard and push's you to do you best so by the end of the week you are pretty sore
and tired but its all worth it, after being here for only a month i can see improvement's in my martial arts
and will continue to use sum of his the training methods when i return home.

Shaolin temple kung fu schools location is amazing, you cant get a more authentic traditional kung fu training
ground than the area around the shaolin temple, it inspires you to want learn kung fu& train hard especially
when you see all the local's training morning and night.

So all in all great master, great training, great location and great time's would recommend to any one
that wants to train hard and lean traditional Shaolin Kung fu from a traditional Kung Fu master.


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