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Andrea Cammarota

Learning length:Two months from July to September 2011.I spent two months to learn Shaolin
Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu school in Deng Feng city and I can say that it has been
amazing.The place is incredible.

Every one does kung fu from the young to the old.We train outside in the forest which gives you
a feel that it is really traditional.The training is hard and it made me stronger than ever.The school
is clean and the food is good;also the people with whom I train with are really helpful and nice.

The Shaolin master is a great one, he makes you train Shaolin Kung Fu hard but at the end of
the journey you will see results.He is really helpful and he shows you the movments over and over
until you perfect them. The group of people at the school are like a family and the atmosphere is
fantastic.Sometimes we drink tea with Wang Sifu and listen to him share his experiences in kung fu
training.I think after this great experience I will look forward to coming back again to learn traditional
Shaolin Kung Fu next year.


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