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Philippe Regnier

Training length:One Year from August 2010 to August 2011.Amazing Shaolin kung fu training at the Shaolin Temple Kung fu school China. Training at the Shaolin Temple with master Wang has been a truly amazing experience. Having studied under some masters in my still short martial arts career, I can definitely say that master Wang is one of the few shaolin master who really excel not only at teaching deeply rooted Chinese martial arts, but also at transmitting his own passion through his kung fu teaching. If you are looking for a place where to push your limits further than you would have though possible this is surely the right place for you to learn Kung Fu in China.

The training environment around the origional Shaolin temple is as motivating as it is breathtaking. There is no better motivation than walking down to the training ground and passing tens of shaolin students training.The nearby Songshan mountains are also a pleasure to explore on your own, if the training week hasn't got the better of your muscles that is.

Life at the shaolin kung fu school is also very comfortable and the atmosphere is extremely pleasant;
we all live in a friendly environement and everyone is always happy to help those in need.
The accomodations include everything you might need for your stay, and if not, Dengfeng is
only 15 minutes away for everything else you may need. Recommend this school to all who want to learn real
shaolin kung fu in China!

Philippe has decided to learn for another year in Shaolin Temple kung fu school.

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