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Brionny Fagan & Richard Butler


Kung fu experiences-learn Kung fu in China

Our month(Four weeks from April to May 2011) at the Chinese Shaolin temple Kung Fu school was an incredibly rewarding  experience that we would recommend wholeheartedly to everyone. The masters are attentive and  dedicated to passing the art of Kungfu and managed to easily integrate us, as beginners, into an intense physically demanding daily routine.

For Food and Accommodation,they were more than sufficient and the environment in which the school is set,very near Shaolin Temple, nestled at the foot of Songshan Mountain, is breathtaking.

Shaolin kung fu Training and Mandarin class:
Not only did we receive one on one  training form our masters in Shaolin Kungfu, we also
received mandarin lessons which have provided us with the basic language essentials for getting around China. In just four short weeks, we became certified in Shaolin basics, techniques including “Five Step”, Staff” and “Tongbiquan”, Chinese kickboxing, Qigong and Taichi. Certainly not for the fainthearted, but definitely for the mentally strong and determined, our efforts have been rewarded by our fitness levels and physiques breaking new personal best.

Would we learn Kung fu here it again? Absolutely! We are so proud of our achievement. It is an experience we will never forget.


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