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Elizabeth Sooyoung


I spent two months to learn kung fu with master in 2011.My master is a highly skilled martial artist, Sanda fighter, and natural leader who commands our group’s attention and respect.  As a leader he cares about his students, their progress and well-being which is evident in his being proactive in our daily lives, training and well being. He’s passionate about his teachings, has high expectations, and wants the best out of his students.

Our training schedule has become more and more consistent as of recent which is great. I like that we’ve begun to emphasize the basics and forms techniques as it builds the foundation and core for all other training which is important especially for one who has no martial arts background.  Wang Sifu excels in and is passionate about teaching sanda and applications so I enjoy these aspects of our training and when he has a solid game plan for our training we are most productive as a team.

One of my favorite things about Wang Sifu is that he takes the time to talk about the history, philosophy, and application of Shaolin Kung Fu as well as his personal experience and philosophy.  It helps us better understand and respect sanda and shaolin kung fu as an art, his own personal experiences, and his philosophy and therefore training under him. 

Wang Sifu has high expectations which are great as it can be a great motivating force in itself.  He has a tough and encouraging push-yourself-to-the-limit attitude and approach and wants the best out of his students.

Personal Overall Experience
I’ve had a great overall experience in my 2 months of shaolin kung training. My goals were to improve my physical and mental health while focusing on improving the health of my back and familiarizing myself with martial arts. I feel satisfied with what I’ve learned and accomplished as all of these goals were either met or exceeded. In addition I was able to do so in a beautiful setting, with a friendly staff and fitting environment.

The masters are all highly skilled, nurturing, and a pleasure to train under.  They all have they’re own strengths, styles and perspectives and I was lucky enough to work with several of them. 
To learn shaolin Kung Fu was challenging with the wealth of information needed to be processed and intensive enough to make you sore enough at the end of each day. As with anything, your own development and progress depends on your personal skill set, motivation and drive but inspiration and continuing motivation is abound through the teachings of the masters  and the shared energy of students eager to learn shaolin martial arts. 

My overall experience was very positive.  In my short time here I feel like I’m taking a wealth of knowledge and solid martial arts foundation with me and would like to study kung fu further in the future.

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