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The International Liaison Department of the original Shaolin temple has authorized us as ONly one martial arts academy training center to enroll students from other countries in China Shaolin Temple.The center welcomes student from around the world to learn Shaolin Kung fu,Sanda (Chinese kick boxing),Chi Na,Tai Chi,Chi kung ,Ba Duan Jin,Yi Jin Jing, Xinyi,Baji,Wu Qin Xi,Meditation as well as Chinese different kinds of traditional martial arts.This training center is constructed with the support given by the Abbot Shaolin temple.

The masters here are the traditional Shaolin monks that passed through the Shaolin temple. The students enrolled here learn traditional shaolin martial arts reconstructed from thousands of years in the temple. Every student learns about the life way of Shaolin monks by residing in the temple.After finished the course at the kung fu Shaolin training center, we will offer normal certificate.

In addition, students sample and enjoy traditional tourist attractions, historical places and culture,and can learn free optional cultural class:Chinese Mandarin,Buddhism,massage, acupuncture and Calligraphy.

This Shaolin school is built in the Song Mountains.The building center with its architecture was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in the year 2010. The Shaolin temple which is the original place of birth for shaolin kung fu and Zen Buddhism has offered young people a good place to learn Chinese kung fu.

This school is built in the cultural and history city of Denfeng city,near Zhengzhou city as the traditional birth village of Zen & Buddhism society.To visitors coming to China to visit the Shaolin temples for a few days, they choose to book at the nearby hotels. They have an opportunity to learn kung fu, the Mandarin language, acupunctures, massage and culture.

Review from Rinesh.I spent one year in shaolin Monastery kung fu school in 2013,and it is great to train under shaolin warrior monks inside shaolin temple, I have learned traditional Shaolin kung fu and how to use my body, improve my health and spiritual life.It is real disciplined life. I have been pushing myself every day and really focused on the basics. At Shaolin one school is like a family. The surroundings are great!...Click more to see many student's great positive Reviews..

There are many fantastic tourist attractions near our school For the students who travel to China to learn shaolin kung fu in our Shaolin temple, we offer them the best locations for peace and practice.

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The benefits of learning chinese martial arts can be enjoyed by all ages,that not only can learn self-defense, but enhance health physically and mentally ,confidence, flexibility & stamina. and is also beneficial to kids and teens ,that make them discipline and self-worth now and later in life. .Older students can promote health and longevity by learning internal Kung fu, such as Chi kung,Taichi and traditional shaolin forms.


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Address: Inside original Shaolin Monastery
Dengfeng City, Henan Province, China.
Postal Code: 452470

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Fax :0086-371-62746468

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If you have any questions about school,please feel free to email: school@learnkungfus.com
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